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    General help
    The MGC Chatbox Evo is really easy to use

    You can :
    1. Send chats : you just have to enter the text in the dedicated input field and then to validate it by pushing the return key ou by clicking on the OK button.
    2. Format the chats :
    3. once you un-collapse the chatbox formatting toolbar by clicking on the BBCode button, you have access to different formatting options for your chats. You can format a chat by selecting a part (or the totality) of it and then select one of the buttons/list. You can also add empty formatting tags by selecting nothing and clicking one of the buttons/menu thus allowing you to add the chat text afterwards between these tags.*
    4. Access to the different channels : you can have access to different channels restricted to only some usergroupds or for specifics use of the chatbox. The different channels are accessible from the buttons on the left of the chatbox.*
    5. Edit your chats (or others chats) : the edition of a chat can be done by a simple double-click on it.*
    6. Use specific commands : some commands can be accessible in the chatbox depending on the will of the administrator(s) of your forum. These commands let you execute specific actions of formatting, management, etc... You will herebelow the information on the command which are accessible to you. You must notice that you are not forced to use the command prefixes (/command_name) when you use them in the channel they are attached to (except in the general channel).*
    * : Depending on the settings chosen by the administrator(s) of the forum, you might not have access to all these features.
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